Founder's Profile

The organization is led from the front by Mr. Sushil Jain and Mr. Abhinandan Jain, the business persons and philanthropist rolled into one.

Under their stewardship, The organization has grown rapidly over the years and has established itself as a key player in the globle marketplace. They are assisted by an equally capable team of dedicated Professionals.For quality and deadlines they believe in giving their customers exelent service and value for their money.

Mr. Sushil Jain has broad, overall responsibility for the organization. Having a Business background Mr. Sushil Jain, has been the main force behind the organization and managing team to get the path of success.His high moral human & religious values helped the organization of assured business & Long lasting relationship with all the associates of the organization. Mr. Sushil Jain has always played a role for the development and welfare of the managing team of the organization.

Mr. Abhinandan Jain has broad, overall responsibility for the organization as well as coordination amongst managing members & to carry out strategic planning of the organization. The Co-founder is responsible for developing business plans for the long term future of the organization with an overall responsiblity of managing both revenue and cost elements of the company's financial statements. Extensive overseas travelling is under taken by him for achieving the desired export sales target as well as exploring new markets.

They are the one who takes the organization into bold new directions with their vast experience.